What I should have done sooner!

So it has been ten years since I started YellowBrick and I have been taking some time to evaluate the last ten years and what might I have done differently.  

Today I would like to explore one such item that I really should have down sooner.  Property management software.  Like so many other people we started with spreadsheets and QuickBooks.  And early on it seemed to work well but as far as scalability it quick became apparent that it was very difficult to track all the different nuances that came with each property and tenant.  I wish we had started with one of the many project management softwares out there.  One area with really became helpful was our evictions.  Having everything tracked in one place ( notes, leases, work orders, notices, pictures, accounting, etc ) has allowed us to make one of the most difficult parts of being a landlord more streamlined and we have had better success for it.

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